Andytown Coffee Roasters was founded in 2014 by Michael McCrory and Lauren Crabbe to bring specialty coffee roasting to the Outer Sunset in San Francisco. Our goal is to make specialty coffee a welcoming, comfortable, and extraordinary experience.

We spent over a year designing and building Andytown to create a functional, intentional space for flawless customer experiences. We wanted Andytown to feel like your grandmother's kitchen—clean, cozy, welcoming, and warm. When we started, we did all our roasting, baking, and customer service in our 600 square foot space. 


Since our first day of business on March 22, 2014, we have grown from a local corner shop in the middle of the Avenues to a San Francisco destination. Before we opened, we expected to be slow—we are, after all, in a neighborhood that is often dismissed as boring. We didn’t hire any help. The plan was for the two of us to do everything. We were to come in early and bake, work the barista area during the day, and roast as needed throughout the week. Imagine our surprise when on our opening day, we had a line out the door and down the block!

In 2017, we expanded onto Taraval with a new cafe right next to the beach and a brand new roasting facility. We still do a little roasting on our original Probat L5, but the majority of our production is done on our new Loring Kestrel S35—the most energy-efficient and least-polluting roaster on the market right now. Upgrading to the Loring allowed us to lower our impact on our neighborhood, while still increasing our roast capacity. When we moved the roasting out of our original location, we were able to remodel the kitchen and expand our bakery to provide pastries for all locations.

As we grow, we are building a team of experienced coffee and pastry professionals who work hard and continuously challenge us to improve. We firmly believe that all workers deserve to live well. We offer all employees premium health care, paid time off, and opportunity for growth. In exchange, our employees make our coffee and pastries as delicious as possible and serve our customers with pride.

With our coffee, pastries, and customer service, we have created an experience that people are willing to go out of their way for. We hope you will, too.