Special Release: Colombia Wush Wush

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wush wush_low_2.png

Special Release: Colombia Wush Wush


Origin: Colombia
Region: Rioblanco
Masl: 1800 to 2000
Producer: Oscar Gutierrez
Varietal: Wush Wush
Process: Full natural

Once a year, we get to splurge on a very special coffee. This super rare Colombian-grown, natural-processed Wush Wush is the perfect holiday treat. Named after the village where it originates in Ethiopia, the Wush Wush varietal of coffee is highly sought after for its Gesha-like flavor profile. This Wush Wush was grown in the rich soil of Oscar Gutierrez’s Finca Monte Verde in Colombia. Careful natural processing brings out flavors of mulling spice and a finish reminiscent of Fernet Branca. Now that’s a coffee fit for a San Francisco winter day.

We have a very limited amount of this Gold-Tag coffee and expect to only have it in stock for the 2017 holiday season.

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