Ethiopia Natural Grima Edema


Ethiopia Natural Grima Edema


Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guji Zone, Oromia Region
Masl: 1800-2200
Producer: Grima Edema
Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom
Process: Full natural

Grima Edema is involved of every stage of his coffee’s journey at origin. Working in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia, Grima has been in coffee for over two decades. He oversees the growing, harvesting, drying, and export of all his coffee. This complete oversight leads to a remarkably clean and delicious cup full of sparkling peach notes, hints of berry, and pleasant tannins.

This coffee comes from a vertically integrated company in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia. This is unique in a country that has a pretty convoluted supply chain and auction system—it’s often hard to know the name and exact provenance of Ethiopian beans. In this case, we know that Grima Edema’s watchful eye was on this coffee from the bush, through processing, and all the way to the docks. He chose to process this lot “naturally”, also known as “dry processing”. This is the traditional style in Ethiopia, although washed processing has become more and more prevalent. In dry processing, ripe cherries are sent directly to raised drying beds (called “African beds” in much of the world) which allow for air flow in and around the cherries as they dry in the sun. Natural processing requires meticulous supervision as the cherries can get over fermented very easily. They must be regularly turned and monitored constantly to make sure they doesn’t get too hot or moist. With careful execution, natural processing can lead to vibrant tropical fruit notes unattainable through other forms of processing.

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