Kenya Natural Endebess Estate


Kenya Natural Endebess Estate


Origin: Kenya
Region: Northern Rift Valley
Masl: 1750-1950
Producer: Endebess Estate
Varietal: Arabica
Process: Natural


When we went to Kenya earlier this year, we tasted a lot of coffee from a lot of different farms. After hours of slurping, one coffee really stood out from the pack. We knew we had to bring it home to San Francisco to share with our neighbors. The Endebess Estate is located in the volcano-filled Rift Valley. The farm is at the base of an extinct volcano on the border of Kenya and Uganda and has been growing coffee since the 1940s. With its rich volcanic soil and decades-long legacy of coffee farming, the Endebess Estate is producing some of the best coffee in the region. Look for flavors of marmalade, cherry cola, and creamy nougat.

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