Mexico Bella Vista


Mexico Bella Vista


Origin: Mexico
Region: Bella Vista, Chiapas

Masl: 1700
Producer: 38 small lot producers
Export: Mayan Harvest
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, and Catimor
Process: Washed

The story of this coffee cannot be told without Rosalba Cifuentes. Rosalba was raised in the Bella Vista community but the strenuous hardship she faced in her youth motivated her to leave for the Bay Area to seek greater opportunity. Surprised at the lack of fine Mexican coffees featured in specialty cafes, Rosalba returned to Bella Vista and created Mayan Harvest to organize and support farmers who have historically been taken advantage of by predatory ‘Coyote’ middle-men. Mayan Harvest aims to elevate Mexican coffee’s reputation, paying farmers higher prices for quality high-gown coffees and registering each lot with the FDA to authenticate origin regardless of quantity. This coffee comes from 38 small, family-owned farms in the Bella Vista region. In the cup look for notes of almond, milk chocolate, and dried mango.

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