Honduras Santa Elena Catracha Coffee Co.

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Honduras Santa Elena Catracha Coffee Co.


Origin: Honduras
Region: Santa Elena, La Paz

Masl: 1400 - 1640
Co-OP- Catracha Coffee Co.
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Washed

Mayra Orellana-Powell returned to her hometown of Santa Elena, Honduras from the Bay Area to establish Catracha Coffee in 2010.

As a woman-led and founded organization, Catracha has prioritized women producers since its inception. Their goal is to give all 400 producers in Santa Elena, no matter how small, access to the specialty coffee market and an opportunity to produce their best coffee through collective research.

As Catracha succeeds, they continually give back to their producers. They already pay more for coffees at the farm gate, and they send an additional amount back to their farmers after each sale—a radical practice that we are proud to support year after year.

Read more about Catracha Coffee Co. here.

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