Good coffee starts with good beans. Add in a little hard work and a lot of attention to detail and *poof* you have a product that people cannot start their day without. 

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Finding good beans can be a challenge. We are lucky enough to work with a fantastic team of importers who help us find the best coffee from around the world. When we first started, they would come to us with their favorite coffees that fit our desired flavor profile as well as requirements for traceability. Now, we are lucky enough to be able to travel to origin and meet the farmers ourselves—building relationships that will hopefully last for many harvests. Once we find a coffee we like and a farmer we trust, we tell our importers and they help us get the coffee half way around the world and into our little roaster.


In Andytown, we roast every batch with precision—using software to track and log each coffee to maintain consistency. Our retail packaging is a love letter to the neighborhood we call home—the Outer Sunset. The bags feature waves sweeping up the back with a locally-letterpressed color­-coded tag indicating the blend and origin of the beans. We currently sell our coffee in independent grocery markets, and a select cafes. 


As a barista, you are on the front lines of customer service. You are the gatekeeper between the public and the product. Yet, you can only control what is in your reach. For most coffee companies, there is an enormous disconnect between barista and roaster and in that disconnect lies many inconsistencies of product and service. In Andytown, there is no barrier between production and service. All of our roasters started as baristas, and our baristas are well versed in roasting basics. There is strong unity between the roasting and barista programs, and the success of our coffee is built on that foundation.