5 year fundraiser


Since our very first birthday, we’ve made it an Andytown tradition to celebrate our anniversary along with a fundraiser.

The proceeds have gone to various causes over the years, including; coastline clean ups, a friend in need of a new kidney, and equipment for a farmer in Ecuador. This year, we are turning five, and we are hoping to raise money for an employee who is undergoing a life changing surgery.

The fundraiser coincides with our yearly birthday raffle, so if you would like to participate, please stop by any of our café locations to purchase raffle tickets-all proceeds go directly to the recipient. Please also follow the link below to access their GoFundMe page if you would like to donate that way. We will be celebrating our birthday on March 23rd, 2019, at our 3655 Lawton Street café, where we will raffle off prizes donated by local businesses, artists,and wholesale partners. There will be cake, a serenade, and birthday cake Snowy Plovers too!

Thank you for all of your support over the last five years. It has been a pleasure serving coffee and treats to the Outer Sunset, and we look forward to many years to come!

Let us introduce you to Xander Ryans (they/them), who is an incredible Barista and employee of Andytown:


My entire life I have never felt comfortable in my own body, but never really understood why. When my partner became pregnant, people would ask me what the baby was going to call me and I thought a lot about that question for a year. I came to the conclusion that I wanted my child to call me “daddy”-it felt right and made me feel happy. After having that realization 3 years ago, I came out as trans and started my transition.

It has been a long journey of self-discoveryand learning to love myselfalong the way. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what steps I need to take in order to feel more comfortable in my own body. It is important to understand that transitioning is different for every trans and non-binaryperson, but for me specifically my chest has caused the most dysphoria. When I started hormone replacement therapy my mental health and self-confidenceimproved drastically, but dysphoria still gets the best of me because of my chest. Top surgery is the next big step in my transition and is a procedure that will definitely improve my life in many ways.

The entire process of transitioning could be really expensive, and for most of my transition I have been without insurance and payed out of pocket for my doctor visits and prescriptions every month. Since I’ve had these extra expenses on top of regular living expenses including raising a child, saving for surgery was never really an option for me, and was not really something that I saw happening in the near future. About one year ago, I decided to make some life changes and came to work for Andytown. I now have insurance which makes transitioning much more affordable. Even with insurance I still need to save up enough money for co-payments and recovery, which would mean taking an entire month off of work.

I’m so grateful for Andytown and all of the love and support that I receive from them. It would mean the world to me to also have support from people in our community. This is a life changing surgery that will help me feel comfortable in my own body for the first time in my life, and I’m closer than I thought I’d ever be. Every step closer to surgery gets me really excited and happy for the future! I really appreciate the support from Andytown and anyone else who is willing to support me.

I have a fundraising goal of $3,340

$340 for surgery

$500 per night for overnight stay

$2,000-$2,500 for recovery

Funds that exceed my goal will be held onto during recovery in case of any complications and unforeseen medical expenses. After I have recovered I have chosen to donate any left-over funds to support long term housing for migrants that are currently in Tijuana trying to seek asylum.

Donate to Xanders Gofundme here