Andytown Coffee Roasters was founded in 2014 by Michael McCrory and Lauren Crabbe to bring specialty coffee roasting to the Outer Sunset in San Francisco. 

We wanted Andytown to feel like your grandmother's kitchen—clean, cozy, welcoming, and warm. When we started, we did all our roasting, baking, and customer service in our 600 square foot space. 


In 2017, we expanded onto Taraval with a new cafe right next to the beach and a brand new roasting facility.  When we moved the roasting out of our Lawton cafe, we were able to remodel the kitchen and expand our bakery to provide pastries for all locations. We now have three locations in the Outer Sunset and one location downtown.

As we grow, we are building a team of experienced coffee and pastry professionals who work hard and continuously challenge us to improve.

We believe in investing in our neighborhood, creating good jobs, and using our economic impact for good.

Andytown is built on a foundation of quality, approachability, and transparency. We are constantly working to improve ourselves, our product, and the world in which we live.