Our original spot. When we opened in 2014, we baked, roasted, and served coffee out of this 600-square-foot spot. After a remodel in 2017, we moved the roaster to Taraval, and put in a large oven to bake for all of our locations.  Visit us here for the freshest pastries, delicious drip coffee, and espresso pulled on our Kees Van Der Westen Idrocompresso espresso machine.

Open 7-5 everyday.

Our beach cafe. Taraval Street has always held a special place in our hearts. When we had the chance to move in to a super-thin, super-long retail space a block and a half from the beach, we jumped for joy. Our Taraval cafe is a place for us to showcase our coffee beyond what we could do at our original location. We have a Kees Van Der Westen Spirit espresso machine, big-batch drip coffee, and a beautiful backyard. We deliver pastries fresh from Lawton St. every morning, and offer our soda bread as well.

Open 7-5 everyday.

Roastery, Training Lab, & Coffee Supply. This is the home of our roasting operation, training lab, and coffee supply store where we sell everything from grinders to greeting cards. We love using our large space to host other Outer Sunset food start ups for pop ups. Follow us on social media or check the Roastery door for the next pop up or event.

Open 7-3 Monday-Friday, and 8-5 on weekends.


The downtown flagship. Opened in early 2019, our cafe at 181 Fremont is a cosy escape amongst skyscrapers. Enter the cafe via sky bridge from the Transbay Terminal Park or from the lobby of 181 Fremont. Offerings include a single origin bar with La Marzocco Leva espresso machine as well as a full lunch menu and pastries made fresh in our on-site kitchen.

To access the cafe from street level, enter the main lobby of 181 Fremont and ask security for Andytown. You will be directed to a public elevator. Take that elevator to the seventh floor and you will find us!

Open 8-6 Monday-Friday, lunch is served from 10-2. Closed Weekends